Customer Testimonials Denver



The Queen Bed arrived in perfect condition.  Great job protecting it!  Please let Chad know too and send me an email copy of the pack/ship invoice.  FYI - As we uncrated it the drivers were raving about the great job you did and how they wished everyone was as professional.


Vern Phillips

"Hey Scott this is Jenny and and I just wanted to call and thank you guys so much. You came out to my house on a probably about a month ago and saw that little China cabinet that I had to get moved to Evergreen and two guys came out one with named(?) Jimmy I forgot the other guys name but they were absolutely amazing. Did a fabulous job and I couldn't of asked for better customer service. So anyway I just wanted to let you know that I'm super appreciative and very thankful bit I found you guys and if you ever wanted me to leave a testimonial on the Internet or something please feel free to call me again this is Jenny Emmett EMM ETT. I lived over on Garfield Street. So thank you again. Bye"

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