Customer Testimonials Denver

"Good morning Scott and Julie,
My table arrived this morning and it is perfect. It was so worth the wait. I can hardly believe it is here!!
Scott, your crating and transportation coordination were absolutely incredible. I was in the transportation business for 17 years and am very familiar with both crating and transportation and I know how difficult it can be. When Acme delivered it to me this morning, they were astounded at how well packed my table and glass were and I wholeheartedly agree!
Thank you both again and have a great weekend!"
Warmest regards,
Nancy Spidell


The Queen Bed arrived in perfect condition.  Great job protecting it!  Please let Chad know too and send me an email copy of the pack/ship invoice.  FYI - As we uncrated it the drivers were raving about the great job you did and how they wished everyone was as professional.


Vern Phillips

"Hey Scott this is Jenny and and I just wanted to call and thank you guys so much. You came out to my house on a probably about a month ago and saw that little China cabinet that I had to get moved to Evergreen and two guys came out one with named(?) Jimmy I forgot the other guys name but they were absolutely amazing. Did a fabulous job and I couldn't of asked for better customer service. So anyway I just wanted to let you know that I'm super appreciative and very thankful bit I found you guys and if you ever wanted me to leave a testimonial on the Internet or something please feel free to call me again this is Jenny Emmett EMM ETT. I lived over on Garfield Street. So thank you again. Bye"

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